The Mission

TopAMZTools.club was created with one goal in mind: empower Amazon sellers to excel in their businesses. From transparent, honest FBA tool reviews to unique offers, the entirety of the content found here is being made to help sellers across the world to become the shark of their niche(s) or take their struggling biz (we’ve all been there) to the next level with a solid monthly cash flow.

The Story

The story of Larry Morris and how TopAMZTools ignited itself from an idea to reality is fairly simple and straightforward.

Long story short, I was born and raised in a family of Real Estators and since both my parents were working in this industry, it was only natural I would eventually follow in their foot steps. Now, problem was I started poking around in this business right after the financial crisis somewhere around 2009. Let’s just say things were a bit tough then and after a couple years I needed a change of heart.

Eventually, I shifted my attention towards the Amazon FBA craze back in 2015 and started slow with a couple products and making some buck enough to sustain my self-employment career. It was only a matter of time until I developed this into a full swing Amazon business. And all this was possible without having a BA, MA or course in Sales or Marketing. It was all (Ok, more like 60%) due to my ambition and desire to succeed on Amazon. For the other 40%, I’m very thankful to all the FBA tools I have tested and used myself (for some I’ve even made some reviews). I have to admit these tools DO make your life much, much easier as for the better part, they can pretty much set your everyday work on auto-pilot. And that is amazing, you get to spend more valuable time with your family, friends, hobbies or whatever else makes you happy.

When I started my Amazon journey, I was doing so much research and creating so many tables in Excel I kind of lost count of them. The workload was intense and safe to say my performance was suffering, but since there were little to no options on the market then to simplify my work, I was just letting it slide. But now the market offers so many ways to ease your work and boost your sales sky high is actually crazy!

For the most part I admit I was enjoying my success on Amazon, but once I started networking with a lot other people running businesses on the platform, I was shocked to see that they were still struggling with guesswork, manual daily product researches, dozens of Excel files to sift through enormous data, so on and so forth. What I thought was something completely obvious for everyone to benefit from, turns out it wasn’t. That’s when the idea popped out in my mind.

So I made TopAMZTools.club so everyone could have access to this knowledge and apply it to their biz. But don’t forget, everything you find here can bring you profit, but how much of it solely depends on your ambition to sell big.


Larry Morris, founder of TopAMZTools.club


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