Latest Full Amazing Selling Machine 2018 Review – Should you make the investment?

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A question some, if not all who are reading this are probably asking themselves right now. And you’re rightfully entitled to. For most people, it would be a pretty serious investment which, mark my words, should only be made if you are certain you can allocate the work and dedication necessary to build a profitable business.

And this time we’re talking big. Big as in the people who successfully applied the knowledge from this course are not in the business of making just enough to pay the bills and afford an occasional beach holiday. On the contrary, we’re talking people who are having annual Amazon revenues between hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions! Quite difficult to believe I assume, after all, that’s what I also thought until I met some of the people myself.


In all honesty, I wanted to stay away from reviewing ASM for 2 reasons. First one would be that by the time I started using it (and I had my doubts too about it considering the high price tag), I was already making a lot of money with my FBA business. This means that I was already in a very good financial position myself and I felt that I couldn’t possibly relate to my audience as in a lot of people were just barely starting their businesses. I want my reviews to be honest and as unbiased as possible and by reviewing ASM, it felt as if I would totally deviate from the approach I had in mind when I started writing the reviews, which is reviewing quality, affordable FBA Tools.

The second reason is that at that time (about 2 years ago) I wasn’t sure whether ASM is a get rich quick scheme or not. I simply wasn’t convinced it would work. And I won’t make reviews to just bash a specific product for not working. ASM had the potential since it’s not just an everyday FBA seller tool, but an integrated web-class, coaching & mentor platform teaching you all there is to know about starting, managing and scaling an Amazon business which ALSO has an integrated FBA tools suite.

So, what’s the deal with Amazing Selling Machine?

To put it short, Amazing Selling Machine is a course created by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark and taught by two instructors, Mike McClary and Rich Henderson. It is not on its first edition, the latest version, ASM9 was released in April 2018, while the newly improved ASMX has just been released, on October 10th. Enrollment is open now until 12.1!

I first heard about it in 2016 and as I mentioned before, I wasn’t too keen on buying it because of the ~ $4k price tag. Money wasn’t an issue, but I didn’t know what kind of ROI would I have. Anyway, until I convinced myself to buy the program (special thanks to my dearest friends and partners who persuaded me into buying it, you know yourselves), I was shocked to find out that I couldn’t buy it anymore because the registration window was closed, so had to wait another year to get in.

Basically Amazing Selling Machine make their service available once or twice across the year, but only for a very limited amount of time, usually no more than 2 weeks. So there I was, hyped to learn some tips and tricks in order to develop my business from some of the best Amazon sellers (each of the mentors from the program have an average of $1 million in sales through Amazon, while in total, the existing members of ASM have generated over $8.6 billion in revenue) and the registration was closed for at least the next 6 months. It goes without saying that my disappointment was through the roof! Don’t make the same mistake I did, if you are considering ASM, take action before the registration window closes again.

What are other people saying about ASM?

If you’ve been reading some of my past reviews, then you already know I like to include as many opinions or testimonials of the people using the specific service as possible. Of course, this is not all the time possible due to the service or product being sometimes new on the market, but boy are there a lot of testimonials for ASM! When I first checked out if there are any, I got so surprised seeing dozens upon dozens of them. You would think that for this price tag, there wouldn’t be so many people using it right? Well think again. Check some of them below:


The above ones are generally from people with fewer experience in the FBA business, yet the progress they’ve had with ASM is clearly visible. On the other side, there are people making money on a different level as well:


Amazing Selling Machine components – what you’re actually paying for

There are 5 components in total starting with the 8 Module Web Class, followed by the Mentor/Coaching program, their private community, the Automation Suite (which can be defined as a FBA master suite including Amazon software from the best tools on the market) and last but not least the Resource Vault.

The 8-Module Web-Class

Exclusively online. You can go through them at your own convenience with no time pressure as they will be available for as long as you want. The modules breakdown into the following:

Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process & Mindset – Their introductory presentation where you will learn what to expect from the course. They will also go through all the parts of the course (Mentor Program, the Community etc) so the users are aware of everything there is to know before-hand. The module also presents the ASM dashboard and some pretty interesting principles and guidelines on how to build a successful Amazon business nowadays.

1. Building your Product Opportunity List: You will learn everything there is to know about Amazon Seller Central – how to create an account and how to use it + also how to setup a World First account or Payoneer. Something which I found very useful (not necessarily for me, but for people just starting their biz) out of this module was the fact that they teach thoroughly how to spot a very good product with high profitability, how to stay away from some products and niches and lastly they are speaking about their own product criteria coming from years of experience on the Amazon market and how to pick the best products if you face a selection phase.

2. Suppliers, Samples and your Professional Online Presence: Some of the lessons include an easy understanding of Amazon’s fees, how you can source your product with as low hassle as possible, finding suppliers, ordering samples, calculating profits and creating a professional presence. The latter was the one which impressed me, it seems like ASM acknowledges the fact that you also need to build a serious online presence in order to succeed. You won’t see this in a lot of courses.

3. Ordering your Inventory and Creating your Brand: Some of the things here you will already know, but they do get into details around choosing a good supplier so you can get the highest profit margin, tips on a slick brand name and logo, purchasing your UPC, product package design and also placing your first inventory order.

4. Building your Brand Assets: This one is split over 2 modules (with the 5th one also presenting Brand Assets lessons) since ASM rightfully knows this a key component on starting with the right foot on this business. Gotta admit, was nice to see these people putting this effort into presenting this thoroughly instead of a quick walkthrough.

In this module you will learn how to create awareness of your brand towards the right audience by having a strong presence in social media. Plainly, they will show you how you can create your brand website (thumbs up for this lesson), Facebook page, YouTube channel, also Twitter & Pinterest accounts. They also present how to setup your email account, lead capture page on your website and how to implement it. Pretty solid stuff.

5. Continuation of the Brand Assets Module: This is all about creating and maintaining the perfect Amazon product page. You will learn how to research your keywords, differentiate your listing from competition with compelling titles, product descriptions, images, bullet points. All this is not something which will come as extraordinary for most of you, but they do present a valuable lesson which will prove useful for a lot of people – setting the right price for profitability. You don’t wanna go too high and risk your inventory getting dust, neither too low to sell fast, but getting a low profitability. There are multiple factors to consider and ASM talks about all of them here,

6. The Perfect Product Launch: Some worthwhile lessons here including your first FBA shipment walkthrough, handling your first reviews and, was not expecting this: Amazon Giveaways. This is followed up by a special course called “Launch, Blitz and Rank” where they talk about their own process of launching new products, getting traffic and ranking high in organic searches.

7. Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools: My favorite module out of which I learned the most even after more than 3 years of being in the FBA business. From invaluable tips & tricks on Amazon Sponsored Ads, Coupons, Deals to creating a strong customer service system. Also follows-up with a good lesson about understanding traffic and conversions if you’re new to the business (double thumbs-up for this module).

8. Taking your Business to the Next Level: This is the “end-game” of the course and talks about scaling your business. Some lessons speak about the best time to launch a new product instead of going “jack of all trades”, reordering new inventory, deciding when to enter new markets and how to build a team to help you run your business or run your business for you.

The Mentor Program

I had a dose of skepticism myself about this at first, I admit. Everybody can claim they’re Amazon seller experts yet they didn’t sell stock worth more than $1k in their lifetime or made bank 3 years ago and haven’t sold a thing ever since. Above all else, this industry is all about the experience. Continuous experience!

With so many products, sellers and money being made out of Amazon, you have to keep being constantly updated with the latest trends and strategies in order to succeed. This goes without saying. Hence, when I found out that the people being promoted as Mentors by ASM are still running their businesses as we speak on Amazon plus all of them sold on average more than $1 Million each, then that was the moment when they sparked my interest in the program.

The ASM students will have the chance to speak with these guys basically everyday as they will be online daily on the platform. I found out they’re very responsive when I submitted a couple questions regarding their ASM “Launch, Blitz & Rank” process with launching products. Don’t expect them to answer all kinds of random Amazon questions, you have to be clear and to the point with your questions or inquiries regarding your biz. There aren’t just a couple of mentors so rest assured you will speak with a mentor rather sooner than later.

This is a screenshot of one of the mentor’s seller central dashboard:

This is a picture of the mentors at the last community meeting in Las Vegas:

The Private and Exclusive ASM Community 

This probably sounds pompous but as I mentioned earlier in the review, it was the component which sealed the deal for me. In my opinion, it is invaluable to be able to be part of a highly engaged, responsive and like-minded group of people, especially in this business. From my experience, all of the people I’ve gotten the chance to talk to are very motivated and eager to grow their businesses. It’s actually inspiring.

However, if you have a practical mindset and want to know exactly what you get for your money, you will be basically be on a 24/7 connection with the latest updates in the Amazon market and your product niches, business opportunities ( I actually found a partner for a startup in the ASM community) and strategies.

Users get lifetime access to the community, but they added a little extra in ASMX this time and included several group coaching calls hosted by ASM directly for its members. Of course, you can access them later on and see the recorded videos, but you can imagine is a whole different deal being able to attend live and engage with the hosts and attendees directly.

NEW for ASMX 2018: The Automation Suite

ASM usually offers some FBA tools, but this year they went next level and have some really cool FBA software that can be a competitive advantage when it comes to selling on Amazon.

The Automation Suite contains the following:

  • 12  months access to Manage By Stats (MBS) + full integration of its customizable dashboard straight into the ASM dashboard; If you haven’t heard of MBS, it is a premium tool which allows you to create, customize and send automated email follow-ups after product purchases to increase your review count. Additionally, it includes a wide set of metrics helping you keep track of sales, profit, inventory, keyword rankings and a lot more;
  • 3-month access to all the tools from Helium 10’s FBA suite from Product & Keyword Research to Product Launch; To be honest, from my experience Helium 10 has one of the most developed and reliable keyword research tool currently on the market.
  • 6-month access to the Brand Launch Pad – It’s a platform developed by ASM specifically to help launch new products and maximize their listings’ reach and profit.

I did some research and surprising or not, I found out that the cost of buying the above tools separately would cost about half the price of ASMX itself! Now, this changes a bit the perspective of ASMX’s price.

The Resource Vault

It’s ASM’s personal resource collection. From professional service providers like freight forwarders or photographers to a lot of supplier contact templates or product and sample evaluation templates so you could just set a lot of work on easy-mode without having to create drafts of those yourself. This is particularly useful for newcomers starting their biz.

ASM is also offering various discounts to some services every now and then so be on the lookout for those, some are really worth considering.

ASMX Price and Final Thoughts

To become a permanent member of ASM starting with the 10th release of the course (ASMX) will cost you a one-time payment of $4,997 or six monthly payments of $997 each. Yup, that’s right, upon purchase you will have access to every new version of ASM when it releases. You could consider yourself a lifetime member.

For the past couple of years, ASM  has offered a 30 day money-back guarantee which makes for the perfect safety net in case you just feel like it won’t work for you.


!!The Amazing Selling Machine has a custom 6-month buy-back promise system.!!

If you implement the lessons and teachings of ASM into your own business for a full 6 months after purchase, yet you didn’t succeed or had a very low sales performance, ASM will refund to you 100% of the course cost plus pay upfront $5,000 worth of inventory! They will acquire your Amazon business in the process and develop it themselves. In short, you could say that even if you try your best with ASM for 6 months, yet you have no tangible results, they will buy your business for the price of the course plus up to $10k worth of stock. Wow this is amazing, I wish I had it for ASM9.

On short, the 2018 Bonus Guarantee includes the following:

  • 6-Month Buy Back Promise PLUS up to $5,000 unsold inventory buyback
  • Two 30-Minute Coaching Calls
  • $500 Inventory Reimbursement

Should you buy it?

If you’re set on creating an Amazon business or developing your current one to something more than just a side-biz, then the answer is a big YES. I’ll put it simple, if you’ve taken a look through the testimonials at the start of this review and you’ve seen the statistics of those people, you should know that, firstly, they had the motivation and secondly they put in the effort. There is no easy way around it. From my experience with ASM, you will learn how to create a business that will last and provide for you indefinitely. That’s the main idea they are preaching through the web class & community. Plus, in the end, that’s what we’re all after.

ASM surely is a solid choice, but you need to have the correct mindset for it. And that is being prepared to invest the time, money and dedication required to achieve an ascending trend on your revenue. You will hear the same thing from their mentors, there is no cutting corners, you WILL have to put in the effort.

The Top Amz Tools Club ASM BONUSES

!!Only for The First 20 People which Enroll through our affiliate link !!
Seeing that I want you to succeed on Amazon I have teamed up with my FBA bros Remmy (Product Research Specialist) and Danny (Amazon Ads Mastermind) to offer you the following $3000 worth of Bonuses:

  • 100 Product Ideas for the US, UK & German marketplaces with all sales data for the past 6 months  – value $500
  • Complete Profitable Keywords List, provided by Best FBA Keyword Tools, for your  Final Product  – value $1000
  • Full Amazon Sponsored Product Ads  Strategy, Setup & 1 Month of Free Advice and Optimizations for your Product. Keep mind in mind the Amazon Sponsored Product Ads done badly can break your new business. – value $1500

because all these bonuses are time-consuming and we have also our daily businesses to look after we will be honoring only the first 20 people who enroll through our affiliate link.

In order to get the bonuses, all you need to do is:

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Use this link to sign up for ASM X
  • Send me your receipt via, upload it to google drive and share the link through our contact form
  • I will contact you about your ASM bonuses within 24 hours

The only thing left to do now is to get ASM X  and change your life because it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!



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