The Top 10 Amazon Tools to Use

1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the original Product Research Tool, started by 6-figure Seller Greg Mercer, it’s composed by a Web App and a Chrome Extension, both are paid. Jungle Scout helps you find profitable product ideas quickly with its huge product database and associated sales data. The Web App consists of 4 main tools: Product Database, Product Tracker, Keyword Scout and Niche Hunter. It comprises all the tools you need for product research and tracking, both being crucial in order to succeed on Amazon. Jungle Scout has separate plans for their Web App and the extension. Both of them are one of the best tools on the market (if not the best there is for the moment) and come to think of it, it makes sense they wanted to separate their products and give them a sort of “premium” tag. For the Web app, I currently run the Business plan with $69/month since I have quite a lot of products which I need to track plus for the yearly plan, I got my hands on a great 30% discount deal which I couldn’t pass.

The Chrome Extension primarily focuses on keywords & product research right on Amazon’s product pages, meaning you can do a quick sweep for products ideas while browsing on Amazon and getting instant relevant data like sales estimates, profit margin, revenue, seller rating & more.  The good news about the Extension is that it is a one-time fee. The Lite version which is a good starting kit costs $97, while the Pro version which has Web App integration & a couple of really helpful metrics such as the opportunity score & sales profit calculator costs $197.

Ideally, if you get both the Extension and the Web App, you can send to the Product Tracker any profitable products you find while browsing Amazon, this way you monitor the sales over time and see if there isn’t any seasonality. Validating your initial idea with data is great and it saves your time and money if your potential “gem” is not what you expected it to be.

2. Viral Launch

The Swiss Army Knife for Selling on Amazon. Or in other terms, all you need under one Amazon suite, but with a little extra which is defined by the 2 very useful metrics which you won’t find on any other tool:

  • Keyword Search Trends – You can determine how popular a keyword is in any given time, really handy to spot seasonality in a product
  • Product Idea Score – Their own patented product grading system, which can tell you if your product idea is a money maker or just a bust

The suite is split into 3 main categories: Product Research, followed by Product Launch and Niche Discovery. All of these services have several tools & subscription plans (in order to cater to all sellers needs) completing the full puzzle of Amazon FBA allowing sellers to get all the tools they need from a single place, hence the Swiss Army Knife comparison.

The Product Research is also split into 3 equally important tools: Product Discovery (Search 350M Product Database), Market Intelligence (Chrome Extension) and Keyword Research (Keyword Volume Estimates & Trends). Regarding Product Launch, you have listing optimization (copy) and product photography services coupled with promotional giveaways, while with Niche Discovery you can do the image, price, title tests in order to improve your daily/monthly sales and revenue.

If you are serious about selling on Amazon you need to get the entire suite and would recommend going ahead for the Viral Launch Pro plan ($99/month) if you pay annually you get also the profit metric Product Idea Score.  You can’t go fishing with just half a fishing pole.

3. AMZScout

With over 20 million products in their database it’s safe to say AMZScout has one of the biggest Amazon Product Databases in the entire market. Which is pretty impressive considering the fact that these guys are considered to be “the affordable tool”. With $30/month for the Basic package they truly are affordable but it packs quite a strong punch as well. It also has a 7 Day Free Trial which makes it even easier for sellers to test the product before-hand (it is also one of the few tools on the market offering a free trial).

The suite includes three main tools: Product Database, Product Tracker & Keyword Database. Its main strong point is the huge database as mentioned above, but AMZScout made an effort to try differentiating its service through the Product Tracker allowing sellers to keep track of competition’ lists of products, revenues, prices & more.

There is also a Chrome Extension showcasing the main capabilities of the Web app, but of course they’re more limited. However, it does incorporate some nice tools like the Profit Calculator (which allows you to see a seller’s monthly profit & to predict yours) or the Alibaba button (allowing you to check for alternatives on sourcing products straight from Alibaba website).

Naturally they have different subscription plans, but what makes it even more interesting is that they made available the entire set of features for all the subscription types, only difference is being made by the number of products you are able to track via the Product Tracker. Additionally, if you go for an annual subscription you get 50% off!

4. ASINspector

Specifically a Chrome Extension, it directly shows you a plethora of metrics directly from the Amazon search results. Yes, most of them are present in any other FBA tool Chrome Extension, but ASINspector does offer some unique features. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Product Sourcing – research the cost and availability of products on AliExpress, Alibaba and eBay to make sure is actually worth your while investing time and money into a specific niche;
  • Star Rating – you can view product review statistics including number of reviews and the average star rating for any product;
  • Research Child / Variations – enables you to find out the Child/Variations for Amazon Products so you can see exactly where they are listed – available only with the Pro version;
  • Reverse Search – search sites like WalMart, eBay, and more, and have ASINspector Pro pull the results – available only with the Pro version;
  • Product Pricing – compare prices on 3rd party websites like Walmart or eBay to better understand the value of your product/s or to check if it sells on a better price elsewhere;
  • Bundled Opportunities – discover which combination of products are being sold together so you can increase your average order value and come up with ideas of products you can sell in addition to your current ones;
  • Instant Net Payout – nice one from ASINspector, it let’s you see the cost you’d need to source the product after Seller Fees so you can instantly know if the product is profitable or not.

There are two subscription plans, both are one-time fees with the Pro License also having a recurring $10/month. If you are serious with selling on Amazon, I’d suggest you go for the Pro plan as it offers some unique metrics. Don’t expect all of them to bring immense data value, but some are actually exclusive in this market which is why I keep an ASINspector subscription active as well.

5. splitly

The go-to platform when it comes to A/B testing on Amazon. You could say … “Hold on, I don’t need a tool to change my prices and listing content every now and then, I can do that on my own just fine!” and that’s true, I mean, I wasn’t using a tool like this either when I just started selling on Amazon. But when you start running more than a handful of products, your workload increases, your time spent on analyzing data increases and at some point you will start wondering whether you could improve your profits by testing some prices or by testing the listing content in different contexts.

And most of the times the answer is yes.

splitly has 3 main features: Algorithmic Split Testing (test everything from your pricing, images, titles, features, descriptions and keywords), Automated Pricing Optimization (Profit Peak algorithm which analyses your product price vs the whole market and continuously adapts it in order to maximize your profit) and Keyword Rank Tracking (monitor your keywords rank and their evolution within a period of time).

There are 4 subscription plans being differentiated by the number of simultaneous tests you can do at once & how many keywords you can track. Also, the neat Profit Peak algorithm is only available for Growth or above plans. Personally I run with the Business plan, the additional sales and profit I get from using it surpasses the $197/month by 50 miles.

6. Fetcher

A solid Profit Analytics app or as they like to call themselves, “Accounting Software for Amazon sellers”. Out of all the the tools that have been reviewed so far + the ones that will follow in this post, Fetcher is the newest addition for me. I confess that even though I preach ditching excel spreadsheets and simplifying the tedious, stressful work for as much as you can, I was still going through seller central and spending so much time pulling the data that I want into spreadsheets. I think all of us know how frustrating the seller central UI can be when you try to customize a bit your financial reports.

Fetcher takes about 1 minute to sync with your Amazon account and offers a clean, easy-to-use interface. It basically gets all the relevant data you want off seller central and moves it to this neat and simple dashboard making the activity of reviewing your financials an easy, way less time consuming (on average, Fetcher saves me about 10-12 hrs/month of work) and stress-free job. On top of this, Fetcher brings to the table a handful of extremely important metrics which seller central doesn’t account:

  • Product breakdown on a per ASIN basis;
  • Pay Per Click cost and sales analysis;
  • Product promotion tracking and real costs;
  • Amazon fees – storage, FBA and everything else;
  • Refund tracking with comparisons and costs;
  • Professional Profit and Loss Statement & a lot more.

I was however a bit skeptical about the accuracy of the data because personally I have more than a handful products and I want my data to be shown as close to real time as possible. Surprisingly, Fetcher data refreshes around every ~5 mins or so making it as accurate as it gets.

They have 3 subscription plans being split by the max number of orders per month. The Business plan with $39/month has the best price/quality ratio with up to 5000 orders/month. Most importantly, they have a 31 day Free Trial so if you have any doubts about the software, you can give it a shot, no strings attached.

7. JumpSend

In short, JumpSend is a product promotion & targeted email tool. Its unique selling proposition is the fact that it will help your products rank higher organically on Amazon searches by increasing the velocity of your sales through promotions being done on their own marketplace boasting over 100k active shoppers.

The promotion tool works fairly simple: you select a product that you wish to promote, choose your targeted keywords (so you can give your product an organic boost), upload your Amazon coupons and you’re done, promotion launched. It will directly show to JumpSend’s own marketplace (I was skeptical at first, but it is pretty big and it actually helps me generate additional sales for a number of my products). Practically you shoot 2 birds with one stone: you get more sales and you end up having your products rank higher organically.

Then, as a second step JumpSend offers quite a nice email campaign dashboard with dozens of pre-made templates where you can schedule automated emails to your buyers at specific times after your product has been confirmed, shipped or delivered. You can also add custom logos or dynamically insert information like the customer’s first name. It takes a bit of time at the beginning to create an email plan for your products and promotions, but once you’ve done it you’re completely set. Not only you help increasing the recurrence of your customers by maintaining a contact with them during or after the purchase, but, statistically speaking you will get more reviews. There is also a campaign analytics dashboard, it’s not much, but it offers the essential metrics.

Also, you can automate your returns procedure with targeted emails every time a refund is initiated which has helped me a lot. Sometimes if I am too busy, I might miss a return notification, but JumpSend makes sure that doesn’t happen anymore.

Personally, I started with the Entrepreneur plan (they also have a 3 day Free Trial) because I wasn’t so sure this tool might help a lot, but shortly after realizing its potential I moved to Business for $99/month so I could boost more products. I also went for annual sub after I switched and got instantly 30% off!

8. Helium10

Another solid alternative when it comes to Amazon Seller complete toolkits. Since there are quite some options currently on the market, it is becoming more difficult for these tools to differentiate themselves from competition, but I believe Helium10 has a solid USP which makes it stand out. On a first glance, it looks like it might be a jack of all trades and master of none, but after testing it I found out it has way more to offer than just Product Research, Tracking and regular Keyword Research.

More specifically, Helium10’s strong points are the following:

  • Fully-Integrated Keyword Research & Tracking – From a powerful keyword research tool, competition keywords analysis (no of competing products for a specific term, est. search volume etc) to invaluable filters such as being able to set aside unwanted characters and words or sorting the keywords by popularity. Also you can export your favorite keywords directly into your seller central account and you can sweep your keywords using their famous 5K Checker to see which ones are being indexed by Amazon plus it lets you see if your competitors are ranked or not for a specific term. It does cut down the keyword analysis process by a lot simply because of integrating a lot of metrics and useful functionalities in a single place;
  • Hijacker alert – Delivers alerts when it detects unauthorized listings of sellers trying to sell your private-label products without permission or knock-offs of your products;
  • Inventory Protector – allows you to set limits on how many items can be purchased at a time by individuals so that you don’t lose out on sales and have your inventory sniped away from you;
  • Misspellinator – finds the top misspellings for your keywords quickly so you can start earning more with perceived mistakes.

Also good news, they have a free plan, but its features are obviously extremely limited. You can use this and get the lay of the land and eventually get a paid plan to reap all its benefits. Their $97/month Platinum plan might seem overpriced, but it is worth the investment as it can give you a solid suite with top notch keyword research and a bunch of other features which you won’t find elsewhere.

They also have the “A la carte” plan which lets you create your own subscription and pay for the features which matter the most to you.

9. Unicorn Smasher

A well established Amazon Product Research Tool. Launched by the makers of the paid tool AMZ Tracker, it has been around since a while offering a completely free service to (in general) newcomers to the Amazon business. This doesn’t mean that the tool provides poor performance, quite the contrary, it is reliable, easy to use and above everything else it is free. I mean, the saying “you get what you’re paying for” is pretty self-explanatory in this case. It does provide a baseline for your every-day Amazon research needs, but if you want it to go smoother or you need in-depth data, you will probably want to go for a paid tool.

Nonetheless, Unicorn Smasher made this top because it has proven itself as a solid choice for sellers at the start of their Amazon journey. I met a lot of people using it and saying that even though they will want to upgrade at some point, they are happy with its performance and of course, nothing can beat free.

It covers the main seller suite features from Product Research to crucial metrics such as Sales Estimates, bestseller ranks, reviews, and a decent opportunity score so you know whether your chosen product is a bust or not. A couple other features which Unicorn Smasher brings and worth mentioning are:

  • Variation Statistics – Get accurate metrics for each of a product’s child variations;
  • Canonical URL’s – gives you optimization feedback regarding a product’s canonical URL;
  • Quick Links – Jump to any product’s listing straight from your dashboard;
  • Export Tool – Download your research data in .csv format & more;
  • since it is an extension, you get In-Browser Analysis to view your sales & PPC metrics directly in your browser as you search Amazon.

Overall, it is a solid choice if you’ve only just started selling on Amazon and you’re trying to get used with all the day to day work. It has a range of features which will get things done and at the same time get you accustomed to how an Amazon FBA tool can help your business.

10. AMZ Tracker

To most of you, AMZ Tracker probably doesn’t need an introduction anymore. It exists in the Amazon business for quite some time now and proved itself to be an excellent alternative when it comes to Amazon seller suites. It is one of the few tools giving sellers the opportunity to increase their sales through a separate marketplace. The service is similar to JumpSend’s marketplace, but the main difference is that AMZ Tracker integrates it with their full-range of FBA tools (Product & Keyword Research, Promotion, Tracking & even conversion rate optimization).

So their crown’s jewel is the VIPON service (their own marketplace as mentioned above) which lets sellers run promotions for their products and increase their Amazon organic rankings. Different to JumpSend’s marketplace, VIPON boasts a reach of millions of monthly shoppers and of course only AMZ Tracker subscribers can list products there. Apart from this, they also have a nice tool which quickly analyzes your listings and gives you relevant suggestions in order to increase your conversion rate taking in consideration factors such as title length, whether you have high res images or not, product ratings, # of reviews and more. It’s not rocket science, probably most of these you will be already aware of, but if you have a lot of products listed, this tool will be very useful as it will save a lot of optimization time for you.

Also worth mentioning is the very useful alerts they provide regarding negative reviews and hijack alerts. Ok, it’s not the only tool providing this, but is one among the few. For example, if you get a review between 1-4 stars, you will automatically get a notification. Their keyword research tool is pretty strong as well, you can get high converting longtail keywords with ease if you know what you’re looking for.

They have a 7 Day Free Trial if you’re considering buying this tool with both monthly and yearly plans. Naturally, the prices go much lower if you go for the yearly subscription. Unfortunately, the basic package doesn’t allow for product promotions and it has a pretty limited keywords count as they made the best quality/price ratio stand out with the “God mode plan” with $166.7/month if you go for the yearly plan or $200/month if choose the monthly subscription. It is a bit pricey, but is it worth it? Yes, but it is a very good choice especially if you go for product promotion in their marketplace since it is pretty huge and can boost your sales sky-high independent of the revenue you get from Amazon. That plus the fact that it is an all-round FBA toolkit makes it a go-to for a lot of Amazon sellers.


Final thoughts

After testing all the relevant, trustworthy FBA tools in the past couple of years, I can safely say that I comprised the best ones in this article. There are quite a lot of choices and it might seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re looking to start your business just now and you’re trying to choose the best tool/s. Good news is that this top covers tools from a wide array of prices and features and hopefully it would make choosing a bit easier for anyone regardless of the main objective, launch or scale.

I know from experience that getting the right tool takes time because, if you’re like me, you don’t want to be throwing money out the window. I remember spending countless hours going through YouTube videos and reviews for every FBA tool out there so I can make the best decision for me and my biz. Of course, I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error during this time, but this doesn’t mean you should be doing that too.

In turn, you could be focusing your time on what truly matters, developing your business and making more money. These tools have helped me improve my business and automate most of the tedious research & reporting tasks that in turn, I spent the time bringing in more sales boosting my profits.


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