The Ultimate Viral Launch Review- Viral Launch Discount Included

I get asked a lot by what tools I would recommend for sellers who are just starting out or for sellers who want to up their sales numbers, and although in the past year or so there have been a lot of Amazon seller tools that popped up, none of them is a size fit all with one exception and that’s Viral Launch, which is the closest in terms of being a Swiss Army Knife for Selling on Amazon.

First Impression

I can say that for the past 6 months I have been a heavy user of Jungle Scout, but recently I have also started to dabble with Viral Launch at first just by curiosity(they have a free trial) and to double check the Jungle Scout sales & revenue estimates. I completely blown away by how accurate it is, I referenced some of my products and the difference in estimates was about 4%-5% plus or minus in sales.
Two other cool metrics  that they offer and can’t be found on any other tool are:

    • Keyword Search Trends – You can determine how popular a keyword is in any given time, really handy to spot seasonality in a product
    • Product Idea Score – There own patented product grading system, that can tell you if your product idea is a money maker or just bust

Product Breakdown

At a glance, their feature and product offering might seem a little too much, but after you check their website you can clearly spot the distinct services and packages that they offer product discovery, product launch and niche domination.

Because I want you to get the most from this Viral Launch review will do a breakdown of each package and their different subscriptions

Product Discovery –  This Packages Comes in 3 flavors : Product Discovery(Search 350M Product Database), Market Intelligence (Chrome Extension) and Keyword Research ( Keyword Volume Estimates & Trends) and several sub plans,  this means that they split their entire suite of services in three price tiers in order to cater to the needs of any Seller. From my point of view if you are serious about selling on Amazon you need to get the entire suite and would recommend going ahead for the Viral Launch Pro plan ($99/month) if you pay annually you get also the profit metric Product Idea Score.  You can’t go fishing with just half a fishing pole.

Product Launch – Here you have listing optimization (copy) and product photography services coupled with promotional giveaways. These services are great in order to get a converting listing and push your product fast in order to get good rankings on competitive keywords.

Niche Domination – After a successful launch there is consolidation, this one is a new addition to their services and it means that you can do the image, price, title tests in order to improve your daily/monthly sales and revenue.

Because I want newbie sellers to save money and get the best bang for their buck I got my hands and this Exclusive offer

  • PRODUCT DISCOVERY: 50% off user’s first month; 15% off user’s first year
  • MARKET INTELLIGENCE: $10 off monthly signup (one time); $25 off year subscription (one time)
  • KEYWORD RESEARCH: 50% off user’s first month; 15% off user’s first year
  • LAUNCHES & CREATIVE SERVICES: One Time: $50 off; Subscription: $50 off per month

I am on the annual $990 plan for Product Discovery + Market Intelligence + Keyword Research. After the 15% discount, I save $148.50 and my annual subscription is $841.50 (equivalent to $70.125/month).

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Key Takeaways

Is it a MUST to get the paid tools above? No. I started with some of the free tools below such as the FBA Revenue Calculator, FBA Toolkit and Keepa. However you do get what you paid for, and the tools above have more than paid for themselves by helping to increase my monthly sales by much more than what they cost.

But by using the Product Idea Score I managed to stumble on a highly profitable product which I launched this month and I have high hopes it will bring me some serious cash, just take a look for yourself:

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