An Honest Jungle Scout Review – Exclusive Discounts Included

Read the latest Jungle Scout review. It covers the main products starting from – the web app & chrome extension along with their features, how are they any different from the other Amazon product research tools and of course their pricing. In the end I added also a screenshot on how Jungle Scout helped my business.

Back in 2015 when I was taking my first steps in entrepreneurship and set my eyes on Amazon FBA, I didn’t have access to such a solid Product Research Tool like Jungle Scout and I was using mainly tens of excel sheets and sifting through Amazon best seller pages to get to those profit nuggets. But now I kid you not with Jungle Scout you can get a solid product idea in less than 5 minutes. 

So, What’s the Deal with Jungle Scout?

Most of you reading this might be newcomers to the Amazon FBA business, Jungle Scout is the original Product Research Tool, started by 6-figure Seller Greg Mercer, it’s composed by a Web App and an Chrome Extension, both are paid.

Jungle Scout helps you find profitable product ideas quickly with its huge product database and associated sales data. Of course it doesn’t give you instant recommendations or out of the blue opportunities – you need to work with it – but it will help you take a fast informed decision when it comes to product profitability and competition. In order to get a better idea of a product, I like to include some Trustpilot (Review platform) data in my product reviews and Jungle Scout has  stellar reviews.  Just take a look for yourself:

The Jungle Scout Web App

It consists of 4 main tools: Product Database, Product Tracker, the brand new Keyword Scout (Amazon keyword research Tool) and my personal favorite Niche Hunter.

Product Database

Product Database has over 400 million products that you can sift through. You have a ton of filters from the price, sales of a product, rank, number of sellers, product weight to the number of reviews, rating and LQS (listing quality score). Of course all these filters can be combined at a category level and marketplace (US,CAN,UK,DE,IT,ES,IN) giving you the possibility to get profitable product ideas in a matter of minutes.

Product Tracker

With the Product Tracker you can still check the metrics mentioned above, but additionally you can breakdown all this data over extended periods of time so you have a bird’s eye on what’s really happening over-time with your products or your competitor’s products. Speaking of which, it also helps you keep a close eye on your competitors sales data – whether they run promotions or not, their inventory level or price changes.

Niche Hunter

As the saying goes you shouldn’t keep all your eggs into one basket. Jungle Scout wants you to boost your FBA biz and can do on the fly profitable product suggestions. Track trending niches for profitable products and provide instant sales insights. This feature helped me a lot to find golden products with 100% profit margin each!

Keyword Scout

It’s the freshest addition to Jungle Scout. With it you can get keyword suggestions based on a keyword or competitor ASIN , you can now finally see real search volumes for high-converting keywords. Additionally, you are able to estimate how many promotional giveaways are needed to rank your product to the top spot. While if you want to run Amazon ads , you can also check the suggested bids for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads for these keywords and get an idea on how much you need to spend on ads.

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Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Primarily focuses on keywords & product research right on Amazon’s product pages, meaning you can do a quick sweep for products ideas while browsing on Amazon and getting instant relevant data like sales estimates, profit margin, revenue, seller rating & more. I use the extension to run a preliminary analysis and evaluate products for profitability and potential competition.
Ideally, if you get both Extension and the Web App, you can send to the Product Tracker any profitable products you find while browsing Amazon, this way you monitor the sales over time and see if there isn’t any seasonality. Validating your initial idea with data is great and it saves your time and money if your potential “gem” is not what you expected it to be.

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My personal opinion

As I said before, I’m not new to Amazon FBA and since 2015 I like to say that I’ve gradually increased my business. Naturally, this was due to me getting more and more experience, networking with like minded people and experimenting a lot, but if I am to be fair, I would say that most of the success came from using Jungle Scout – it’s an invaluable kit.
It comprises all the tools you need for product research and tracking, both being crucial in order to succeed on Amazon.
I’ve been using it for the past year and before I bought it, I confess I was kind of skeptical about the results it can provide. I mean I was still making some money, but I was doing a lot of manual research which is time consuming and stressful. But the sheer profit it can bring to your biz is definitely worth the price.

For instance in January I found a really profitable product with some decent competition and hit it big this year in March and April:

Made $70k vs. merely $2.8k on the same period of time one year before when I was not using Jungle Scout. That’s why I said before that it’s my personal favorite.
I’m pretty happy with it and even though there are other tools on the market which are cheaper, Jungle Scout definitely offers the most complete Amazon Seller suite and the price you pay for it is a fraction of the huge profits it can generate.

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