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Recently I’ve been talking to a lot of people running businesses of all sizes on Amazon and the main topic of discussion was ways to improve our sales and cut costs. It was obvious we would shift the discussion rather sooner than later towards FBA tools. Most of the people in our group were using tools like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch or AMZ Tracker (except one guy who’s an avid AMZScout user), but to no surprise, there were sellers looking for a more affordable alternative. Not because they couldn’t afford them, but mainly because they didn’t want to commit to a hefty monthly or yearly plan before getting accustomed to the business.

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That’s exactly when the AMZScout suite popped into my mind. After I brought it up in the discussion, people sparked interest in it and eventually they started a trial account (yup, AMZScout has a 7 Day Free trial). I was quite curious to see if they also continued with them and got a paid subscription after their trial ended. From a total of 5 people, 4 of them switched to paid subscription immediately after their trial ended with the 5th person having a major stock issue at that moment so it wouldn’t make sense to buy a plan while his business was on a halt.

What does AMZScout have to offer?

If I am to answer that question and be as brief as possible I would say it offers a big and reliable product database you can sift through at your disposal as well as top notch competitor tracking capabilities (it has all the metrics you’d need for that: list of products, inventory, prices, revenues etc). Also, remember when you thought you hit the jackpot with a really nice profitable product, but it turned out it has huge fluctuations in seasonality? Well, you can also track Sales History for any product you want so you can see how sales went for the entire year without having to do a lot of research or even worse, guesswork.

The bread and butter of the suite is obviously the Web App although AMZScout also came up with a Chrome Extension showcasing the main capabilities of the Web App, but on a lower extent. However, it does incorporate some pretty nice tools too, but let’s first talk about their spotlight product first:

The Web App

It includes three main tools: Product Database, Product Tracker & Keyword Explorer.

Product Database

With over 20 million products in their database it’s safe to say AMZScout has one of the biggest Amazon Product Databases in the entire market. Which is pretty impressive considering the fact that these guys are considered to be “the affordable tool”. It truly is an affordable tool, but at the same time it packs quite a punch as well!

As you’d expect, you have lots of metrics available from price, est. sales & revenue, reviews, rating, FBA fees, no of sellers, listing quality and quite a lot more. I was indeed surprised to see the tool has so many filters and metrics you can go through. Also, the service is available in a lot of international markets such as US, CA, UK, FR, ES, DE, IT and MX making it worthwhile for a lot of Amazon sellers worldwide.

Product Tracker

AMZScout made an effort to try differentiating its service through the Product Tracker allowing sellers to keep track of competition’ lists of products, revenues, prices, avg daily sales, avg daily revenue & more. How it works is that basically you find a suitable product by quickly researching the database after you which you move it over to the Product Tracker to gain the necessary insights on whether your idea is worth considering or not. No more countless hours of manual research for a couple ideas you thought were gold, but it turned out they either had huge competition, big fluctuations in sales due to seasonality or big FBA fees. All that plus the guesswork can easily be eliminated by the Product Tracker. It’s as easy as that.

Keyword Explorer

I wouldn’t want to sound biased, but the truth is AMZScout managed to deliver a reliable, quality product at an outstanding price … at least so far. I was curious to know why they positioned themselves with a price tag below the market average. I am not complaining, quite the contrary since having a powerful tool like this widely available only attracts more people, hence growing the FBA business.

However, it does pretty much what other well-known Amazon FBA toolkits like Jungle Scout or Viral Launch do with a fraction of their price. AMZScout is not THAT new on the market, but not an old-time FBA tool either so if you ask me, they’re currently on that spot where they’re looking to expand their business and presumably increase their prices in the near future.

Remember when I mentioned one of the people I discussed with about FBA tools is an avid AMZScout user? Well I got in touch with him again about a week ago and he showed me his “progress” with an apparel product line on the US market which he researched and developed using AMZScout:


This guy is literally killing it! Ok, those almost $1 mil in sales didn’t just miraculously appear, I know for a fact he invested quite the time and dedication in order to make it work, but he made it work. AMZScout has the merit of being the kick-starter to his business and I know he is going to continue using it.

And I am going to keep using it as well. It proved itself to be a strong, complete and competitive Amazon seller toolkit by having both the Web App and the Chrome Extension. They have a very good synergy. Another awesome thing about it is that there aren’t feature limitations between different Web App plans. For example, if you get the Basic Package you will have the same features as the Business package, the only difference is how many products you are able to track with the Product Tracker.

I’m happy with it and I sure know my friend is more than happy with it. If I would recommend it to other people as well? You bet I would. It’s the perfect suite to get the lay of the land with Amazon FBA and if you’re serious about it you can make bank.

Get 30% OFF AMZscout Extension Pro Lifetime

*Get Your Lifetime AMZScout Pro Extension for only $199 (original lifetime price $287 or $99/year or $29.99/mo)

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